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Maximizing Success Together: Join the Jersey Trenchless Plumber Referral Program

Welcome to the future of plumbing solutions, where your collaboration with Jersey Trenchless LLC guarantees that your clients receive the best possible sewer line replacement and repair services in addition to expanding your service offerings. For plumbers and plumbing companies alike, who want to offer their clients excellent, non-invasive trenchless services without having to invest in new technology or specialized training, our Plumber Referral Programme is painstakingly crafted to deliver unparalleled benefits.

Why Partner with Jersey Trenchless LLC?

Enhanced Revenue Streams: Dive into the lucrative field of trenchless sewer line services. With our program, you can offer your customers advanced solutions for their sewer line issues, translating into more business for you — even from jobs that would traditionally fall outside your service scope.

Redefining Customer Satisfaction: Jersey Trenchless LLC takes great pride in its dedication to client satisfaction. By recommending us to your clients, you can be sure they will receive the highest level of care and professionalism along with quick, efficient, and minimally invasive sewer line repairs and replacements.

Unmatched Warranty: There’s a reason we lead the industry. We are so confident in our services and the long-term advantages they provide that we are willing to offer a 50-year warranty on parts and labor. This assurance is a powerful trust signal for your customers, making your recommendation highly valuable.

Efficiency and Respect for Property: Our trenchless solutions mean that your customers’ properties are not disturbed by extensive excavation works. We promise one-day replacements, ensuring that the process is as quick and clean as possible, preserving the integrity of your customers’ yards.

Your Customers Remain Yours: The foundation of our referral program is built on trust and respect for your existing customer relationships. Our No Compete Guarantee ensures that when you refer a customer for trenchless services, they continue to be your customer for all other plumbing needs.

Rewarding Your Partnership: Our Referral Program Structure

Comprehensive Annual Rewards Program:

Direct Referral Fees

For every video inspection or referred job, you earn a $25 flat-rate fee upon booking confirmation, irrespective of the job outcome.

Commission Structure

Receive $250 for every repair and $500 for full line replacements, rewarding your efforts with substantial commissions for bigger projects.

Tiered Bonuses for Cumulative Referrals

The more you refer, the more you earn. Our tiered bonus system is designed to generously reward our most active partners.

  • Tier 1: 5 referrals = $500 bonuses
  • Tier 2: 10 referrals = $2,000 bonuses
  • Tier 3: 20 referrals = $4,000 bonuses
  • Tier 4: 30 referrals = $10,000 grand bonuses

Grand Prize Incentive

For exceptional partners, referring over 15 full replacements within a year earns a special reward: an exclusive trip, showcasing our appreciation for your outstanding referrals.

Becoming a Referral Partner

Eligibility & Enrollment:

  • Open to all licensed plumbers or plumbing companies not currently offering trenchless services.
  • Simple referral process: Share our contact information or utilize a dedicated VIP number for tracking.
  • Online referral submission via our website, facilitating easy follow-up and booking.

Support & Resources

  • Comprehensive Tracking & Monthly Payouts: Our advanced tracking system ensures all referrals are accurately recorded and rewarded.
  • Marketing Collateral: Access to a suite of marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, and a custom landing page designed to support your referral efforts.
  • Educational Opportunities: We offer training and informational sessions to enhance your understanding of our services, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently refer customers.

Join Us Today

Grab the chance to work with Jersey Trenchless LLC to broaden your service offerings, surpass client expectations, and open up new revenue streams. Our Plumber Referral Programme embodies not just a partnership but also a dedication to mutual growth, innovation, and excellence. 

By working together, we’re not just transforming the plumbing services industry—rather, we’re establishing new benchmarks for achievement, client contentment, and expert teamwork. Welcome to the team!

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